About Sara Arscott, PhD, RYT-500, y4c

The Present: 

I am mother to a smart, funny, and thoughtful young adult who  is currently navigating college life and I am wife to an energetic and kind man that I treasure for his lightness of being, his embodiment of the simpler things in life, and his love of nature and spending lots of time in it. We have 2 cats that keep us stocked with plenty of cuddles (they are SO SOFT!) and 2 kayaks that keep us on the water as much as possible (full disclosure: husband spends WAY more time on the water because, well, I spend more time doing yoga and biking!) I also love to spend time in nature, and my other favorites include hiking, camping, and gardening. I am passionate about good wholesome food and exercise and I try to make them a daily habit along with my meditation and yoga practices. But, I'm also not perfect, and that's why I call it my practice. When the good stuff doesn't happen, or I slip into the chocolate supply (and who doesn't?), I try to start practicing again the next day... :-)

The Backstory:

My passion for all things health and well-being started in my early college life over 30 years ago (yikes!) when I felt radical becoming a vegetarian and immersing in self- study of herbs, nutrition, and "alternative health". Years later in the mid-90's my daughter was born very premature with some health problems and I became keenly focused on helping her to thrive. I witnessed first-hand the healing power of good nutrition with whole foods, high-quality body and energy work such as craniosacral therapy, and also the therapeutic value of yoga for helping her to become more embodied. 

In 2009 earned my doctorate in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison which has rooted me in the understanding of biology and metabolism while also supporting and spring-boarding my exploration of a broader vision of health. That broader vision sees true health and well-being not as some compartmentalized aspect of our physical biology, but as an integrated mind-body-spirit whole. These parts of us are not separate and in fact, in each moment are informing each other to grow, die, renew, heal, and change. This vision also sees the journey as the destination. It is in the seeking and the striving, where the "rubber meets the road" so to speak - where we meet our journey and experience living, embrace the ups and downs, realize that the bumps in the road, while they may feel rough, are actually part of the journey, and recognize that from them we grow, and ultimately find our well-being in the midst of this growth.


On Yoga:

During my early years of practicing and teaching yoga I was initially drawn to the physicality of the practice. I was attracted to a strong flow-style yoga and loved how it felt like a meditative dance, allowing me to be really present in my body right in each moment, and leaving me feeling bright and refreshed.


I still love the physicality of yoga, but over the years, both injury, and aging have led me to a deeper appreciation of yoga as a holistic practice for communing with a part of myself that often gets buried in the fast-pace of modern life. I now embrace a kinder, gentler yoga that brings the full technology and philosophy together to cultivate an authentic experience of yoga that nurtures this reunion with our inner luminosity.

So for me, coming to the mat daily is not only a physical practice, but more importantly, a reminder to slow down, listen to a deeper knowing, and connect to Spirit. Yoga helps me to keep things in perspective, remember to be kind to myself so I can bring my best self forward.


My yoga training started at the University of Wisconsin Recreational Sports Program, followed much later by a 200 hour training program with Iris Mickey in alignment and Tantra-based yogaIn 2018 I completed my 500 hour teacher training in the ParaYoga style of yoga with Tanya Boigenzahn at the Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness in Minneapolis, MN. ParaYoga was founded by master teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker and blends the three rivers of Tantra Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, and the sacred texts that inform the spiritual core such as the Yoga Sutras into one comprehensive study. I am thrilled to have found my home in the teachings of ParaYoga and plan to be a lifelong student in the Himalayan Tradition.

In my classes, I strive to bring the full technology of yoga and Tantra to my students, aligning the physical and the subtle using the tools of asana, breath, stories, poetry, philosophy, Tantric tools such as mudra, bandha, and mantra, and meditation together to create an intentional state of mind and quality of being. An experience that leaves students calmly empowered and set free to thrive. It is my greatest hope that students will take that empowerment out into the world to generate peace and create positive change.

Credentials and Training

  • 3 Wisdom Traditions: Core Concepts Yoga, Ayurveda, Psychology, 2018

  • RYT 500, Devanadi Yoga, 2018

  • Tantra Shakti: The Power and Radiant Soul of Yoga, Devanadi Yoga, 2018

  • Chair Yoga, Strong Spirits Mindfulness & Movement Program, 2018

  • Vinyasa Krama: The Art of Intelligent Sequencing, Devanadi Yoga, 2018

  • Four Desires Training, The Yoga of Fulfillment, Devanadi Yoga, 2018

  • Yoga4Cancer trained with Tari Prinster, 2016

  • RYT 200, Synergy Bodyworks Yoga School, 2016

  • PhD Nutritional Sciences, UW-Madison, 2009

  • Yoga and Pilates Training, UW-Madison, 2003

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Sara Arscott, PhD, RYT-500

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