My background in nutrition and wellness give me a unique lens to bring alive a variety of health topics for your audience or wellness classes.


Possible topics include:

Living on Purpose - living and thriving by aligning with what matters most

Vibrant Health and Vitality - Experiential exploration of vitality-enhancing self-care practices

Mindful Meeting Design for Better Engagement - body and soul matter too!

Mindful eating - creating the space to choose

Getting back to basics - navigating the grocery store

Dietary Supplements - what do you really need?

Radical Self-Acceptance - starting where you are

Have your own ideas? I'm happy to get creative with you!


Let me help you tune in to what is important to YOU for your whole health and well-being. Bring your life into alignment with what you value most, live in rhythm with the cycles of the year, nourish your body, mind, and spirit with what it needs to feel healthy and alive, and learn to be accountable to your well-being and how to make it a habit that will just come naturally.


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Meditation is a profound tool for creating inner stability. It is a coveted practice and a beloved avenue to create a greater sense of calm and increased clarity of mind that with regular practice can unleash creativity and personal empowerment. There are many ways to meditate from mindfulness-based modalities that use the breath for focus or open-awareness monitoring, to Tantric-based tools that give the mind something to do and help to shift and purify the subtle energy body. Sara is a gifted meditation guide and can help you to identify modalities suited to your constitution and/or phase in life.

Meditation Class


Sara is an engaging and compassionate yoga guide and has taught to both beginners and advanced students. She is available for group or private instruction.

Private sessions: $60/hour

Corporate yoga: $100/hour

Private group sessions: Contact Sara for rate


Tantra means to weave or expand and is a vast philosophical and practical system aimed at re-weaving us back into our essential nature to thrive and find fulfillment in this life. Combined with Hatha yoga methods such as postures (asana), breath-work (pranayama), chanting (mantra), gestures (mudras), and meditation, Tantra Hatha Yoga is a complete system for cultivating a calm mind, greater self-awareness, and more personal energy (shakti) to help you on the path to loving fully and embracing joy.

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Yoga4Cancer is a research based, specialized yoga methodology addressing the specific physical and emotional needs left by cancer and its treatments. Because all yoga is not the same, finding the right yoga teacher is the best first step. Yoga4Cancer (y4c) classes are always taught by certified y4c teachers with knowledge and awareness of the special needs of cancer patients and survivors.

Yoga4Cancer (y4c) will help you:

  • Maintain a strong immune system

  • Build muscle strength

  • Improve your bone density

  • Create self-confidence

  • Find solutions for treatment side effects

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Give you a sense of well-being

  • Cultivate hope

  • Provide a supportive community

Contact Sara for more information, to locate a current program, or to schedule a program in your organization.



Yoga Nidra is both a practice and a state of being. This profoundly healing practice seeks to unwind the three-fold tensions: muscular, mental, and emotional. Yoga Nidra is a deep guided meditation in which the body is guided to let go and relax deeply, while the mind retains a trace of awareness. Experienced on different levels, this practice can focus on relieving stress, healing, cultivating capacity to transform, or touching into the inner light of consciousness.

Yoga Nidra is an effective tool for:

  • Cultivating better sleep

  • Learning to calm and rest the body and nervous system more effectively

  • Enhancing learning

  • Sowing the seeds of change

  • Harmonizing the deep unconscious

  • Awakening inner potential

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Restorative yoga makes use of props to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health.  The beauty of restorative Yoga is that you are fully supported by a variety of props, so you can fully relax and release in the asana (posture).  A typical restorative posture is held anywhere from five to twenty minutes to allow the body to fully relax into the support of the props, and bring the mind to a quiet relaxation.


Because the body and mind relax, literally becoming softer, we also create space to get in touch again with our natural qualities of compassion and understanding of others and self.

Restorative Yoga benefits, summarized:

  • Enhances flexibility

  • Deeply relaxes the body

  • Stills the mind

  • Improves capacity for healing and balancing

  • Balances the nervous system

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Develops qualities of compassion and understanding toward others and self

  • Enhances mood states

  • Can even help you lose weight.  Please see the following study.