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Sunday, February 23, 3-7pm

KOSA Spa and Wellness

Ojas is the deep, vital sap of life and the energy that rules our immunity, strength, and happiness—three things we want to have in abundance. If our ojas is weak, our health, our spirits, and our energy sag.


Gift your mind, body, and spirit with this restorative mini retreat intended to replenish your inner resources and reconnect you with your innate vitality and well-being. Spend an afternoon nourishing and boosting your ojas, or deep vital sap, a core concept of health according to Ayurveda.

We will explore and engage in gentle yogic movement, deep relaxation, and lifestyle practices intended to build and support the deep reservoir of our health and well-being. This rich afternoon will include the support of a comforting massage, a nourishing and delicious vegan meal, and the luxury of personal time for integration through meditation, journaling, and reflection.

Boost your inner glow in this 4-hour mini retreat by:

  • Exploring how to develop self-care, dietary and lifestyle practices to build and support deep vitality.

  • Experiencing gentle movement and deep relaxation to restore the nervous system and cultivate deep peace.

  • Cherishing your body with a 45-minute personalized massage treatment to maximize your comfort and relaxation.

  • Nourishing your spirit with a delicious vegan meal and tea made right in the Kosa kitchen.

  • Integrating your physical, mental, and spiritual experience with time for personal meditation, journaling, and reflection to deepen your connection to and embodiment of peace.

Cost for the mini retreat program, food, and treatment is $150. Please note cost does not include added 18% gratuity for the spa service.

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